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Saucy Disc Golf is an online disc golf store based out of Toledo, Ohio. However, we’re much more than a company that just wants your money in exchange for plastic. We started Saucy because we wanted to provide the local disc golf community with the kinds of events, content, and support that we think it deserves. The northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan disc golf scene has a very rich history. Several of our local courses were designed by Jim Kenner, Discraft founder. Ricky Wysocki won his first Pro cash here in Toledo. The stories could go on and on…

Yes, getting more discs into peoples’ hands is great and all, but what we enjoy most is that we have gotten to build and support a community of like-minded individuals who love the sport. We run our own tournaments and league, we sponsor a team of top notch local disc golf talent (#TeamSaucyDG), and we sponsor several non-Saucy local tournaments, leagues, and clubs. This local disc golf community is great, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

Saucy Disc Golf Staff

Joel Szirony

Owner / Co-founder / THE SAUCE BOSS

My very first experience playing disc golf came back in 2004 when my high school golf coach, Joel Bury, took a few of us out to try this wacky sport called “disc golf” at Ottawa Park in Toledo. It was fun, but I didn’t really think much of it after that day. Then while attending The University of Toledo from 2008-2011, I was big into playing hockey and golf. I spent lots of time at Ottawa Park, both on the hockey rink and on the golf course. Seeing the disc golf baskets there at the park always intrigued me, but I didn’t know anyone that was into it. Years later, while I was working for UT, I decided to give disc golf a legitimate try thanks to Covid. Ottawa quickly became my lunch break spot. I probably played 3 or 4 rounds a week while working there, and I never looked back. Despite Woodlands Park being closest to me now, I still to this day have more logged rounds on UDisc at Ottawa.

My disc golf bag is currently full of 100% Discraft. I always prefer to support local companies when I can, and Discraft just so happens to be based not too far north of us, in Michigan. My favorite molds are the Captain’s Raptor, Nuke, and Zone OS. Primarily, I throw forehand off the tee, so I love all the overstable stuff that I can get my hands on.

My “biggest” disc golf accomplishment to date is when I took 3rd at DGLO in MA3 in 2022. Or when I beat #TeamSaucyDG member Hayden Carroll to win my first tournament at Parmelee Park in a foot of snow (I’ll never let him live that down, especially now that he’s MUCH better than me.).

Ben Szirony


Bio coming soon.

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