Announcing the Maumee Valley Disc Golf Tour

Saucy Disc Golf is excited to announce the formation of the Maumee Valley Disc Golf Tour, in partnership with the GAS Disc Golf Club!

Starting at the Toledo Winter Classic on January 20th, earn MVDGT Points at every Saucy Disc Golf and/or GAS Disc Golf sanctioned event. At the end of the year, the top point-earners will earn fantastic prizes. Additionally, holding a Tour Card will enable you to unlock Tour Pass Rewards for yourself. We’ll be sharing more details on how the point system works, our full schedule of events for the year, and much more in the days to come.

In addition to earning MVDGT Points, all GASDG club members that partake in tour events will earn points to the year-end GASDG Club Championship, doubling up on the excitement at each event. We’re excited to help GAS expand their footprint further north by now offering their members opportunities to earn club championship points as far north as Vienna Park and Whiteford StoneCo Park.

“The MVDGT will be an incredible increase in value to local disc golfers when signing up for events in our area. We’re thrilled for this partnership with Saucy Disc Golf!”

– Cody Wright, GASDG Club President

Tour Card Explanation:

Everyone is eligible to receive MVDGT Points throughout the year, but in order to earn year-end rewards, and Tour Pass rewards, you have to have a Tour Card!

Tour Card Cost: $20 (GASDG club members get a Tour Card FREE with their membership)

MVDGT Point-earning Events:

  • All Saucy Disc Golf sanctioned tournaments
  • All Saucy Disc Golf sanctioned league rounds
  • All GAS Disc Golf sanctioned tournaments
  • All GAS Disc Golf sanctioned league rounds

Year-end Point Rewards:

Top Point Earner in MPO & FPO: $100
Top Point Earner in Eligible Amateur Divisions: $100 Store Credit to Saucy Disc Golf

*Amounts subject to change based on potential additional sponsorships. Email to discuss MVDGT sponsorship opportunities.

Eligible Amateur Divisions:

(divisions selected based on historical attendance data of Saucy league nights and tournaments)

Mixed Amateur Divisions: MA1, MA2, MA3, MA4
Female Amateur Divisions: FA2, FA4

Tour Pass Rewards:

Bronze Level


  • 1 Tournament
  • 5 League Nights

Reward: MVDGT Velcro Bag Patch ($8+ Value)

Silver Level


  • 3 Tournaments
  • 10 League Nights

Reward: Mystery Disc from Saucy Disc Golf ($15+ Value)

Gold Level


  • 5 Tournaments (Including Maumee River Open 2024)
  • 15 League Nights

Reward: MVDGT Tour T-Shirt ($20+ Value)

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