Team Saucy Disc Golf

Saucy Disc Golf is beyond proud to have these disc golfers on the team. Not only are they good at the sport of disc golf, but they are fantastic people. In addition to playing in high-level disc golf tournaments, they’re heavily involved in local leagues and helping grow the sport in various ways.

To help support #TeamSaucyDG, use any of their first names for 10% off your next order!

Andrew Goeder

PDGA #: 150707

Joined: 10/11/23

Braden Nidiffer

PDGA #: 144869

Joined: 8/15/23

Carson Smith

PDGA #: 197245

Joined: 8/6/23

Nathan Hoyle

PDGA #: 76816

Joined: 7/26/23

Amos kauder

PDGA #: 235458

Joined: 7/25/23

Gavin King

PDGA #: 134643

Joined: 5/25/23

Lance Haupricht

PDGA #: 147059

Joined: 4/12/23

Hayden Carroll

PDGA #: 124016

Joined: 4/4/23

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