About Saucy Disc Golf

Disc golf in Toledo is Saucy! We offer products from the biggest names in disc golf. Discs, bags, baskets, disc golf accessories, apparel and more. We also host a number of great disc golf tournaments and league nights across the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan region.

We truly believe in growing the sport of disc golf both locally and globally. We sponsored a number of clubs, players, content creators, college disc golf teams, events, and more.

Sponsored Clubs

GAS Disc Golf

GAS Disc Golf is a 501(c)(3) certified, nonprofit organization committed to teaching, developing, promoting, and encouraging the sport of disc golf through community focused course development/improvement and maintenance. We believe in developing youth and adult programs and events that foster community engagement, a healthy competitive atmosphere, and etiquette in the promotion of disc golf.

GASDG is responsible for the course design and installation of both Mary Jane Thurston State Park in Grand Rapids, Ohio and Carter Park in Bowling Green, Ohio.

All Saucy Disc Golf tournaments and league nights currently count towards GASDG's Club Championship points.

Sponsored Players

Visit the Team Saucy page for more information on our sponsored players. If you're interested in becoming a member of Team Saucy, contact us and let us know why you think you'd be a great fit.

Content Creators

We have provided several content creators with discs and other swag for them to use in their videos. If you're a content creator and want to partner with Saucy Disc Golf, send us a message and let us know what you've got cookin'.

College Disc Golf

College is when so many of us pick up the sport and really take it to the next level. Saucy Disc Golf is proud to sponsor the Ohio University Disc Golf team. We also have individuals on Team Saucy that are a part of the Ohio State University Disc Golf team and University of Toledo's Rocket Disc Golf team.

If your college team is looking for a retail sponsor, give us a shout, and we'll see how we can help.

Event Sponsorship

We're more than happy to work with you on promotion, vending, and general support for your events. We've donated discs and other swag to a number of local events ran by others, and we've helped promote events as well with graphics and other marketing pieces.

If you'd like to see how Saucy can help your event, reach out today.