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Axiom Hex - Total Eclipse

Axiom Hex - Total Eclipse


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The first stock release of MVP’s Total Eclipse plastic is here with the Total Eclipse Hex! Originally available in 2023 for the Halloween Lizottl’, the Total Eclipse Hex is now getting the wide release it deserves. Total Eclipse plastic - thanks to MVP’s patented overmold technology - features color glow cores alongside color glow rims! The Total Eclipse Hex is available in any combination of two colors from Green, Blue, Purple, White, and Aqua - find your preferred combination at your favorite local or online retailer today!

Note: Total Eclipse plastic requires a dedicated UV flashlight to properly activate its amazing color glow. Non-green Total Eclipse plastic, due to differing wavelengths of the colors, does not glow as intensely or as long as our industry leading standard green color glow Eclipse plastic.

This is a pre-order item. Weights and glow colors will vary. Release date TBD.

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